Do any of these statements sound like you? We can help!

1. We love kids and want to please them too!

Your heart is in the right place and you realize that you’re a participant in your community in the raising of a generation.  Here are some resources on the Family Hospitality website to help you:

2. We need to spend less per child.

  • The cost of kids eat free promos may appear high at first, but consider the benefits at a higher level. A child brings with them at least one paying adult. Compare the “lost” margin on your kids meals to the incremental profit per adult and you’ll see that it’s better to have that family there than not. If you have a slow day or days, this is especially helpful to drive traffic. Families are looking harder than ever for bargains and using Internet tools to seek out these deals. Ask us for more help on how to best implement such a program.
  • A solution for every budget. You want more bang for your buck and spending a lot per child will not necessarily gain you incrementally more business. The best answer is to experiment over time with different offerings and measure what works best for you.  We can assist in designing such tests for you; just contact us.  Whether you start with a 4 cent pack of crayons or go for the “full monte” kits, you can name your price with our Specified Cost Per Child packages. Name your price!

3. Our competitors do a better job with kids.

  • If restaurants around you are going the extra mile to accommodate kids, they will drain away your family business.  Don’t let it happen.  The best defense is a good offense.  Ordinary child accommodation products aren’t as memorable as our selection of premium (though affordable) solutions starting at 5 cents per child.
  • “Amenities escalation” is a real concern in today’s competitive marketplace.  Just like hotels started giving out a bar of soap as an amenity for guests, then others followed.  Then came shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sewing kits, and so on it goes.  The foodservice industry is experiencing a similar phenomenon and it’s part of why our company has been growing rapidly.  For you this trend means that it’s a matter of time before your business and your brand stand out in a bad way for not going the extra mile for kids as well. We can help.

4. Children can be messy and challenging to host.

  • Yes they can be a pain sometimes, to you, your staff, your other customers, and certainly to their own families.  Relax, you’ve come to the right place. We have solutions that effectively “put kids under a spell” of engagement, education, and/or entertainment.  See below for more information about the numerous ways we can help.  We take a bad scene and make it serene!™

5. We need to attract more families to dine here.

  • It’s a competitive marketplace and attracting families is imperative to your success.  Did you know that children are consulted by their parents 91% of the time when the family is deciding where to dine out?  If your child has a fun time at your restaurant they’re going to recommend you.  Your revenue is all about how often you’re recommended; don’t forget about this important little demographic!
  • Many families dine out for the convenience of it.  People are stressed and tired more so these days.  Taking young kids to a restaurant was rated as being “enjoyable” by only 18% of parents in our research study.  But yet they still come to see you, how can that be?  Well think about how many families are NOT coming to see you because the irritation of managing fidgety kids while waiting for food to arrive overcomes their desire for convenience or other reasons to dine out.  There are answers, and we have them. Contact Us and tell us more about where you are and what you want to see happen. We’re here to help.
  • So how can you make your restaurant or business more fun for kids?  From crayons to activity books, we take a bad scene and make it serene!™

6. We’re looking for crayons, placemats, cups…

  • Want to try some Classy Kid Product samples first? Click here!
  • Know what you want?  Ready to shop for specific Classy Kid Products and buy now? Click here!
  • We have solution packs at 5 cents per child, 10, 15, 20, and 40 cent price points.  The quickest, easiest way to draw in more families.  Name your price!  Click here to see our Specified Cost Per Child packages with more coming soon.
  • Our Classy Kid child accommodation products have won acclaim from industry experts and families across the country.  See what they’re talking about:
  • Classy Kid CrayAngle triangular crayons that don’t roll off tables
    • Whenever people see our triangular crayon packages they ask why someone didn’t think of this great product before.  We ask in return “Why were crayons ever made round to begin with?”  There’s a CrayAngle triangular crayon product for every budget available in loose bulk or packaged cases for your restaurant or business.  Whether you want 4, 3, or 2-packs of triangular crayons in our proprietary packaging (triangular boxes, trapezoidal boxes, or cellophane pouches, we have you covered!)  Pricing starts at 3.7 cents per pack in quantity because we’re the manufacturer! Click here to see our selection.
    • In addition to single-color triangular crayon sticks, we have a patent-pending Tri-Color CrayAngle 3-in-1 triangular crayon that has three primary colors in one (fatter) triangular crayon.  You have to see this to believe it!  Kids can swirl colors together with the pointy tip, or color with each color independently using the three vertices at the other end.  Pricing starts at 7.4 cents each in quantity. Click here to see our selection.
  • We have round crayons too!
    • Why not only sell triangular crayons? Some customers just want to save every penny and that’s understandable.  Triangular crayons are harder to make so they cost a bit more.  Round crayon four-packs start at 6.1 cents in quantity, and you can save even more with 3 or 2 packs. Click here to see our selection.
  • Have you ever heard of placemats that color without crayons, or that stick to a tabletop for easy peel-and-clean bus service?
    • Now you have.  Our patented Rub-it & Color placemat ink is amazing and only available from us.  Don’t want to deal with crayons?  This is the solution for you, starting at 13.2 cents in quantity. Click here to see our selection.
  • Our kids cups are not like any other
    • Ours have a patent-pending lid that allows a very young child to sip from it (like a to-go coffee cup lid), and allows older kids to punch a straw through.  What is the age cutoff between the two groups?  About age 3, however it differs.  The parents know.  So give them the option and they’ll think, “Wow the people at this restaurant have a sophisticated understanding of my family’s varying needs”.  Cup-Lid-Straw combinations start at 32 cents.  The cups are injection-molded plastic and the straws are bendy.  Parents take home cups for the kids to use at home (ours are dishwasher safe though the graphics might fade after many washings).  They will remember where they received these cups and that strengthens your connection with that family. Click here for more information or to order now.
  • Antibacterial wipes that don’t sting little cuts and scrapes
    • Forget about alcohol-based wipes.  Our benzykonium chloride wipes (a widely used antiseptic for 60+ years) effectively kills germs while being alcohol-free.  In addition to the sting-free benefits, our wipes don’t have the pungent smell of alcohol.  Individually packaged and starting at 2.5 cents each in quantity. Click here for more information.

7. Our staff needs some help dealing with kids.

  • Have you had slip and fall injuries in your dining room among your staff (not to mention your customers)?  The hazard is always there.  We offer several solutions to the problem of round crayons rolling around the floor.  They’re like ball bearings!  See our alternatives like triangular crayons here.
  • Cleanup can be a mess, especially after infants and toddlers eat.  Understand that a child under 3 years old isn’t (or shouldn’t) be trusted by most parents with plates and utensils.  Your smallwares become toys or projectiles!  There are stick-down placemats on the market that stay in place, offer a sanitary eating surface, and peel away the mess instantly when clearing the table!  Ours are made of 80% calcium; read about them here.
  • High chair cleanup is important for health and perceived quality reasons.  Wipe down high chairs each time with an antibacterial wipe and families will definitely thank you.  High chair cleanliness reflects on your overall cleanliness, which is a top-3 factor for customers.  For more information click here.